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Gayest Day in the Park of New Zealand

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Different countries have different thoughts and reservations for gays and lesbians and transgenders and therefore there are different laws for the LGBT community throughout the world. In some countries, this is not socially accepted while some countries are pretty relaxed about it and they make sure that gays also get the same kind of treatment that others receive in the country. New Zealand is fairly relaxed in acceptance of gays and lesbians and therefore throughout various cities in New Zealand you will find that there are many gay and lesbian couples that live together and are married officially.

Regular Gay Life in New Zealand

Things are quite different in New Zealand for gays and lesbian community. There is no doubt that many of them are free to choose and work as they please, but same sex sexual intercourse was decriminalized only after 1986. Statistically, New Zealand does not record the sexual orientation of the people, but they country has done some statistics and they have found that there is a very limited LGBT population. While the New Zealanders are alright with the entire concept, but the word gay certainly still sounds very insulting to many gays here in the country. In terms of international standards there are very few gay residents that live in New Zealand. The country also provides the same facilities that it offers to regular citizens making it one of the best places for living for gays across the globe. Some of the top cities like Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin and Christchurch have hosted many Pride Week festivals that are quite popular and attract large number of gay and lesbian community. There are various summer camps as well for LGBT community and there are more than 80 true gay owned and operated guesthouses and accommodations where LGBT community can spend their holidays and ensure that they do not have any issues.

LGBT Events in New Zealand

Although, most gays in New Zealand prefer to meet each other through internet websites and dating sites, but there are many places where they can meet and interact. There are many pubs and sex venues where gays can meet together and be social. On the other hand, there are many events that take place all over the country to celebrate the pride that gays and lesbian community feels. There are many youth-focused organizations that also focus on festivals that are focused on gays and lesbians in the country. The Pride Festival held in Auckland is certainly among the biggest and popular gay festivals where in many lesbians and transgenders also participate. With more and more events and festivals happening gays find it easier to meet up and ensure that they are treated with respect especially in some big cities. Others who are not close to big cities usually handle their affairs on the internet using dating sites and gay community sites.

LYC Big Gay Out

The Auckland Pride Festival comes up with various other events where gay, lesbian and transgender community can come together and celebrate their freedom in style. Every year the festival happens in style in Coyle Park. LYC also known as Love Your Condom Big Gay Out is the flagship event of the Auckland Pride Festival and will be bigger attraction for many gays to celebrate their feelings together. The event does not just focus on celebrations, but also provide the right information and education to ensure safe sex. The event also has some performances and shows for which individuals can apply using the website. There are many others that also come out and put up their stalls at the park where they can provide better products and services that gay and lesbian community can make use of. The event also provides free condoms and lubes for the people who are participating in the event. The website also provides information on where gays can find condoms close to their area and information on lubes and how they need to find the right lubes and use it effectively while having sex. The LYC Big Gay Out website also post pictures of the events for the gay community to share and see it online. The festival is usually celebrated on the Sunday closest to the Valentine’s Day.

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